Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dreaming big about going pro!

I am all about dreaming big but here is the reality of those that will go pro in sports:

Based on the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s own research from last year, a high school athlete’s odds of making the big leagues are minuscule.

High School Athletes who Play Professionally:

Men’s basketball: 0.03 percent
Women’s basketball: 0.02 percent
Football: 0.08 percent
Baseball: 0.51 percent
Men’s ice hockey: 0.10 percent
Men’s soccer: 0.03 percent


The reality is that there is a very low chance that a high school athlete will go pro.  However, you may have the opportunity to use your athletic talent to get a college education.

Talk to your coach about what opportunities exist for you to go to college.  There are plenty of open enrollment types of colleges (2 year and 4 year) that have sports teams that offer scholarships to players.  

Looking forward to seeing you on campus!

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